About Us

Driving excellence in offshore IT development, we redefine technological landscapes through innovative expertise, your dedicated partner for transformative solutions and exceptional success.
As a company, Interglade is driven by innovation, powered by extensive experience, and committed to delivering exceptional results. With years of industry expertise, we have firmly established ourselves as a leading force in software product development, staffing services, AI/ML solutions, data management, CRM consulting, and implementation.

A Vibrant Team

Our greatest asset is our dynamic and vibrant team. Comprising top-notch professionals and tech enthusiasts, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and passion for cutting-edge technology. We thrive on the excitement of staying ahead of industry trends, allowing us to create solutions that push boundaries and transform businesses.

Technology Capabilities

With extensive experience in developing innovative software products, harnessing the power of AI and ML, managing complex data ecosystems, and seamlessly integrating Salesforce solutions, our technology capabilities are second to none. Our team's collective experience and expertise empower us to design and implement custom cross-sector solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, continuously expanding our skill set to ensure we deliver the best results.

Our Commitment At Interglade

We are committed to client satisfaction, innovation, and quality. We understand that technology alone is insufficient - how you apply it counts. We have a deep understanding of your unique needs, a collaborative approach, and a commitment to delivering tangible, measurable outcomes.

Why Choose Us?


With a robust track record of over 15 years in the industry, we infuse each project with seasoned expertise.


Our team excels in creative thinking, constantly pushing the limits of what's achievable.

Custom Solutions

We adapt our diverse development services to precisely match your requirements, guaranteeing an ideal product for market alignment.


Our primary goal is to deliver outcomes that genuinely impact and benefit your business.


Your success is paramount to us, and we accompany you through every phase of the process.

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